August 29, 2008

Inaugural Post and a Wedding Grievance

In my initial blog posting I will try to accomplish several things. I will of course offer up some recent life observations and things that drive me crazy but I will also lament on having given in to society’s pressure to become one with the internet. I have resisted Facebook and MySpace thus far but the blog industry has pulled me in…

I’m gonna makes this first post short and sweet. At least I’ll try. Who knows, once I get started its hard for me to apply the brakes.

So I was at a wedding this past weekend and something absolutely drove me crazy. I couldn’t understand it. There was a guy at my table who did not for one second take his suit jacket off. The worst part is that he did not even unbutton his suit jacket. How in the hell do you sit for 6 hours at a table and not unbutton your suit jacket?

This drove me crazy!

Its one thing to not even remove your jacket. Fine. Ok for whatever reason you like keeping your jacket on. I have no problem with that. Do I support that – not necessarily. Do I get it – sure. Whatever floats your boat. But to keep your three-button suit jacket all bundled up screams a need for therapy.

He seemed like a good guy. Polite and all. I had no problem with that. Probably a great guy. His fiancĂ© was very nice as well. She seemed to have her life in order and unlike her man knew how to dress. The question is – if you took her aside and asked her what the hell her man was doing with his jacket on and buttoned from 5:30-midnight what would she say?

I think she’d say it drove her crazy!