February 5, 2009

10 Things People Need to Understand

1. If its warm outside 365 days of the year than you don't live there. You vacation there.

2. If your company runs an office pool than you participate. No matter the cost.

3. Bi-Level homes are too stressful. You should not have to make a choice to go up or down as soon as you enter a home.

4. Wood panelling isn't all that bad. Combine it with some hot chocolate, a comfortable couch and a good book and then let me hear you don't like it.

5. Better looking people have a better chance at success. Fact. If you don't fall into the category than work on it. Don't complain you are unfairly treated. That's life. Human nature. Survival of the fittest.

6. "Open Invitations" to come over do not work and should never be instituted. Someone is not going to just randomly show up uninvited to hang out and claim an "open invite." And when/if that does happen you'll regret ever sending out that "open invite."

7. If you don't have EZ-Pass by now than you don't belong on a highway.

8. A comedy cant be your favorite movie of all-time. It can be your favorite comedy of all-time. Its a separate category altogether.

9. If you have your own office at work and you don't have a picture on the wall than you don't have your own office. You have a closet with a desk.

10. Global Warming is an exaggeration. Are we accelerating the process? Yes. Have we created the phenomenon? No. Life is cyclical. 10 million years ago the planet was covered in ice. Most of it melted. Were there any cars on the road back then?