January 11, 2010

Bibles and Hotel Rooms – Of Course!

This has been on my mind for quite some time now. I don’t understand the whole deal with hotels having to have a copy of the bible in every room. I’m sorry but it doesn’t make any sense.

How come this doesn’t get any play? You never hear about it. I’m surprised people other than the super religious have never griped about it. Do I really care that there is a bible in my nightstand when I check in to my room? No I don’t. It doesn’t affect me and quite frankly I never open the drawer anyway. Alas, when I do open the drawer and I see the bible it does bother me. Not because I’m an atheist. But because it’s just silly.

First of all, is this hotel only catering to Christians? What about the other religions of the people that stay in this room? I guess they’re getting the shaft. And guaranteed that if they complained they could get some kind’ve money out’ve it. Jews, Muslims, etc. make note!

Secondly, I’m sorry but if you are that religious where you would actually read the bible on your vacation or on your business trip then you should probably pack the damn bible in the first place. Am I wrong?

Thirdly, it is my feeling that if you want a bible in your room, or any form of religious material, it should come as part of a special request. Call ahead and request one. In this case all hotels would be equipped with all forms of religious reading material. Now, the next time you are traveling and have a special request for a crib or a fridge you can also ask for your copy of the King James Bible! It’s like killing 2 birds with one stone….which coincidently is probably a religious proverb or something!

Finally, what’s with catering to religions? Being an atheist, you can assume where I'm coming from. However, even if I were religious, I would question society's obsession with religion. How about putting a form of reading material that is more general on the nightstand instead? Or a Travel magazine since you’re most likely traveling. Or what about a classic literary novel - War and Peace, Moby Dick, or Shakespeare? I know no one would read them but that’s not the point. They’ll probably get more play then the bible anyway!

I just don’t understand the unwritten rule (heck, it might even be written for all I know) of there always being a bible in every hotel room. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

I hope anyone religious reading this doesn’t take it offensive since it’s a) not offensive and b) is not intended to be.