April 16, 2013

Get Off Your Knees

I need to write.
Shit like this makes me sick. Literally sick to my stomach. A pit in my stomach started forming yesterday afternoon and hasn’t left. Probably won’t leave for some time. Not unlike most people’s feelings I’m sure.
I would like to make a few statements as a result of what happened. Remember, everyone’s entitled to my opinion after all. I warn my religious friends in advance this may not go over well. Just keep in mind I love you. I just don’t love religion.
1)    Stop telling me to pray for the victims. This just in, praying isn’t gonna do shit other than make yourself feel better. If that’s your goal than absolutely do it. But don’t think for a second your prayers are helping those victims because they aren’t. They’re helping you cope. Let’s remember that. Let’s remember that prayer is therapy for YOUR soul not someone else’s. You may not agree with that but deep down it’s the truth. The fact you’re praying makes you feel like you’re contributing in some way. And that is a great thing but realize that’s what it is. You’re not literally helping anyone other than yourself. So to reiterate, stop telling me to pray. Segue….
2)    Stop quoting the bible. Stop giving me some dumb ass proverb that does nothing more than insult the victims like, say, this one I saw yesterday…
Do not be afraid of sudden terror, Nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes; For the Lord will be your confidence, And will keep your foot from being caught. - Proverbs 3:25-26
What human can throw this dumb fucking proverb out there in a time like this? The lord will keep my confidence and keep my foot from being caught in the trouble. Where the fuck was this lord for the people in Boston yesterday? How about the father who had his 8 year old son waiting at the finish line only to return to bloodshed?
Do not be afraid of sudden terror. That’s hysterical. So the people standing along the sidelines enjoying a beautiful Patriots Day shouldn’t be afraid of the horror they experienced? They witnessed carnage and a near death experience. Some of them will never be able to stand confidently in a crowd again. Oooh but don’t be afraid ‘cause thank heavens the lord is in your corner. Fantastic. Unless of course the lord is asleep at the wheel like he must’ve been yesterday afternoon.
I get that we all have our own coping mechanisms. Some people need to, ahem, write about it, as an example. But please don’t be na├»ve to the harsh realities of the world. The lord ain’t in your corner. He’s not in anyone’s corner. It’s you and your soul…and a keyboard to write.
3)    Comments from the I-Like-to-Bitch-About-Long-Lines-&-Security Peanut Gallery, anyone? I’m listening…anyone want to complain about those pat downs at the airports or at stadiums? Go ahead…I’m listening. Great idea allowing pocket knives back on airplanes as well. That’s just a fantastic idea, President. Give in to the demands of the spoiled passengers found in the aforementioned Peanut Gallery. How about we just realize we are perennial targets so toughen the fuck up and be patient for the sake of security ‘cause this shit isn’t going to stop in your lifetime. Ask Israel.
Sorry if I offended anyone. Not my intention. Just my opinion and had to get that off my chest. #copingmechanism