January 29, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Since I'm anti-Facebook I took this list to the blog world...

1. If I don’t like how my hair looks it seriously effects my mood
2. I used to be a guy who never stressed out and now I’m always stressed out
3. I cant stand people that don’t hold doors for others
4. I hate people that don’t thank you for letting them merge in traffic
5. I have an obsession with ranking everything
6. I absolutely can not stand Oprah Winfrey
7. I am beyond protective of my sister
8. I wish I was a cowboy living in the Wild West
9. I wish my alcoholic drink of choice was scotch on the rocks but I just can’t handle it
10. I think the only man who can and should drink a martini is James Bond
11. I hate massages
12. I envy people like Christopher McCandless (Into The Wild)
13. I don’t have a hero per se but John Walsh comes closest (Created America’s Most Wanted after the kidnapping and death of his son in the 80’s)
14. I am an atheist
15. I’ve never been to the circus
16. I had cotton candy for the first time a couple weeks ago
17. I wish I had an Australian accent
18. I am extremely jealous of people who know how to break dance. I find it utterly impressive and fascinating
19. I hate Halloween
20. I wish I knew how to play the guitar
21. I can’t wait to be a father and plan on being great at it…
22. …I used to look forward to growing up and now it upsets me
23. I wish I had majored in architecture
24. I believe in aliens and ghosts
25. My wife is the most passionate person I know

26. I secretly love making lists like this
27. ...which explains the "Bonus" category
28. I love my eyelashes
29. ...I feel uncomfortable complimenting myself