January 14, 2015

Open Your Door

"Deep down inside that's why I was so emotional yesterday. That's why when I was by myself I had tears in my eyes." - Constantly Learning

In the days prior and shortly after writing that blog I had a ton of people ask me if I would ever do it again. Not the blog – the triathlon. They knew how hard it was for me both physically and emotionally ‘cause, well, I wrote about how hard it was. My answer was always a resounding “absolutely...”

Some called me crazy while others called me a jackass. Despite the fact I may agree with them I’d rather make note those that said things like, “awesome,” “good for you,” and “more power to you.”

I’m a firm believer that if you are going to ask others do something than you better damn well be willing to do them yourself. I’m in the part-time business of asking others to do things that challenge them. Do things that force themselves to face fears. Fears that can be as simple as raising their hand in class amongst a group of people or as commonly frightening as climbing to the rafters of a warehouse with nothing but 20’ of time and space in between them and ¾” floor mats.

That being said, training for the 26th Annual starts tomorrow and if there is one person out there that finds the fact that I am facing an “ultimate fear” inspiring then the second I shut the door on that challenge is the second I’ve shut the door on that one person…

…even if that one person is me.