October 13, 2011

A Therapist Called WOD

What can I say. I’m doomed. Strike that. This blog is doomed. Since June 6th this blog has taken a noticeable hit. It’s upsetting. It’s unfortunate. It’s because of CrossFit.

Raise your hand if you are shocked to hear me say that?

The other day I found myself saying “I have nothing to blog about anymore. Things don’t piss me off like they used to. It sucks!”

CrossFit has become my therapy the same way this blog once was. I’d find something that would piss me off and I’d rant about it. (Authors Note: Trust me. A few hot topics can still get me going. We all know what they are) Only now instead of writing about schmucks, morons and being anti-religion I take my aggression out with things like Dead Lifts and Power Cleans.

Crazy, right? It is. Only it works.

I feel better not only physically but mentally and emotionally. You see, that’s what CF is all about. It’s about bettering yourself not just in the Box but outside it. It’s important to reiterate that as I know I’ve said it before.

Here’s an example of how CrossFit and Therapy are alike...

In a Therapy session the Psychiatrist will break you down emotionally. They’ll take you to the grassroots of the issue at hand. This is exactly why some people claim they don’t like it. They’re afraid to face reality. They’re afraid to take their guard down. It’s an understandable fear I for one struggle with. Facing the facts and facing your faults is not anyone’s idea of fun.

But when you face reality you’re more equipped to face life.

In CrossFit you face your demons on a daily basis. You are tasked at working yourself to a level of effort you once deemed crazy. A level of effort you once deemed “not for me”. Doing things to your body and with your body you once thought only “superior athletes” can do. The word “can’t” is stricken from your vocabulary. Maybe you “won’t” do it but “can’t” doesn’t exist.

You take your guard down during a WOD. You leave your ego at the door. If you can’t lift as heavy as you’d like, you realize you’re doing your best and go as fast you can. You may not have the fastest time but you learn to be OK with that.

You’re competing against your own will.

Not a single WOD is easy in CrossFit. There is no cruising. The fittest athlete in the world can perform the same exact WOD as you and at the conclusion you'll find them ready to die on their hands and knees…and so will you.

You’re both vulnerable. Being vulnerable is healthy. Being vulnerable makes you stronger.

You both share a therapist called WOD.