July 8, 2011

Decision Pathways

I don’t have children - I plan on having children.

Those familiar know I’m a guy who loves kids. If I said 10 years ago that I’d be 31 without kids I would’ve laughed in your face. Does it bother me? No it doesn’t. I think society puts an incredible amount of undo-pressure on people to have kids whether they are individually “ready” or not…

Let me stop at the “ready” comment as I could run off on a tangent. So what’s my point then?

Well, we’ve established I don’t have kids but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about my future family. Raising my kids in a generation, A Society of Bubble Wrap, is one that seriously concerns me, as we all know.

It scares me to know the idea of letting your kids just leave the house on a bike, gasp, sans helmet, is considered DYFS worthy.

It scares me to know that some school systems frown upon competitive games where one kid might, gasp, be deemed a “loser.”

It scares me to know that parents judge other parents over things like, gasp, what daycare your child may attend.

(Note: As we see, I’m guilty of judging parents just like you. Everyone judges. I’m not claiming to be above it)

It scares me to know I’ll inevitably have to debate with other judgmental parents the merits of raising my child, gasp, sans-dairy once they are off the B’.

I’m not sure this blog is headed in the direction intended.

Getting back to the things about parenting I’m scared of – the moral of the story is that when the wife and I do decide to have children I look forward to raising them the way we want to raise them. Not the way society deems appropriate. The cliché saying is that there is no right or wrong to parenting. As friends and family in my life have kids I see that truth shining brightly.

No two parents are alike. No decision is 100% the right one. No decision is 100% the wrong one. It’s personal. It’s private. Most importantly – it’s yours to make.

As a parent, we make our decisions every day and we set our kids on decision pathways. Crossfit Lisbeth

July 7, 2011

5 Thursday RTO's

1) Am I in the minority when the first thing I think of when hearing Casey Anthony’s name is if Anthony is her middle or last name? Not whether or not she murdered her 2 year old. Her name sounds like a Hollywood stage name. I bet her real name is Cassandra Antoinette Baker. Something to that effect.

2) It infuriates me when another car reaches their stop sign before me and as I’m waiting for them to go first, as is their right, they wave me on. Cut the crap and drive. With me, your chivalry is lost in this instance.

3) Here are two things I’d like to know, and I want proof to back them up…
  • Prove to me that no two-snowflakes are alike. Has someone analyzed every single snowflake that has ever fallen?
  • Prove to me you can not die in your own dream. Is there a Dream Rule Book I’m unaware of?
4) Anyone who Replies All to a mass text needs to be shot. I don’t care that you are “So in!” and neither do the 25 other people who got your frigging response.

5) I hate rubberneckers…and yet everytime I encounter the situation and I’m cursing at the voyeurs in front of me I find myself gently embracing the brake peddle and taking a nice little gander myself. 

EXTRA: Bonus points go to the person who can tell me what "RTO's" stands for.

July 1, 2011

Your Trophy Case of Life

Reading this article is disappointing...

Americans Prefer E-Readers to Tablets (and the Gap is Growing)
By Graeme McMillan on June 29, 2011

Loyal readers of mine are familiar with my past blog, “A Book Is a Conquest”, and if you were to put a gun to my head I’d rank it in the Top 5 All-Time Greatest Blogs Ever Written By Anyone – Not Just Me.

(Yes that’s an actual Category)

What is 20% of society not understanding?

I don’t get it. I fully embrace the idea of technology in some areas of your life but it belongs nowhere near a book.

Not that I was ever one to inhabit a Library but I do find the idea of Libraries and their downward spiral into oblivion quite upsetting. In fact, what the hell is the point of a Library nowadays?

It’s sad. Big brick buildings flooded with books on topics from A – Z are becoming antiquated.

That’s going to be quite a garage sale when the final Library shuts down. The Library is the 21st Century version of the corner grocery stand. 

However releveant, I’ve gone off on a slight tangent.

I refuse to believe that a book can be read and enjoyed on a “Tablet” or an “E-Reader” or any such device that doesn’t have binding, pages to turn, and/or an inside flap. Don't even get me started on the lunacy of "reading" a "book" on some iPhone or Android or whatever the hell type of cell phone you own.

Society spends 8-10 hours of their day on some form of computer. Why go home and pick up another computer to “read” when you could sit and relax with an actual book? Half the pleasure of reading a book is the process of reading the book.

It's the comfort. It's the coffee by your side. It's the atmosphere. It's the picture on the cover. It's a temporary escape from reality.

It just doesn’t make sense.

Book’s are literary victories and should be displayed proudly in Your Trophy Case of Life. Not some piece of hardware.

I'm frustrated...and quite frankly I blame Costco