May 23, 2012

I started reading this article because it sounded interesting…

Georgia Woman With Flesh Eating Disease Breathes On Her Own

Ok fine, it sounded more than interesting. It sounded awesome! Who doesn’t want to read about a Georgia woman being ravaged by flesh eating bacteria?

Then The Big G had to go and spoil it for me. As usual.

He can’t just mind his own business. Ever. He’s like the pilot fish that never leaves the shark’s side. The needy flea that wont leave your dog alone. The tick that refuse to let go.

Aimee Copeland is now breathing on her own. She’s making an amazing recovery. And according to her father, “God is going to take care of the future” so she should be all set.

Where was The Big G when this whole fiasco happened in the first place? Oh that’s right, probably one of his life lessons he loves so much. I wonder how that conversation went up in the clouds,

"Hmm, I think its time Aimee Copeland learned how to overcome adversity. Let’s have her face a flesh eating disease that causes her limbs to be amputated. That should do the trick!”

The more I read the more I just love how great her father sounds. I mean a real genuine person. So thankful,

“I just thank God my daughter is alive.”

I wonder if that quote was cut short for the article. I wonder if the complete thought was something like this,

“I just thank God my daughter is alive. Not the doctors. Not my daughter’s fighting spirit. Not pure chance. God is the one that deserves credit. I mean who cares that she can’t really breathe? Plus, He took her two hands and left leg but spared the right one. A true blessing. My daughter’s quality of life is going to be vastly improved after this and not just physically but spiritually as well. She now knows to be more careful zip lining…”

Ya know, something like that. I wonder.

10 Facebook Observations We All Think But Are Too Afraid to Say

1) We don’t need photo albums of your children posted daily. 1 photo a day will suffice so make it a good one. And your kid looking out the window doesn’t do it for me. Step it up.

2) Your “amazing husband” is pissed that you write you about him on Facebook but he doesn’t say anything because he’s afraid of making you mad.

3) The fact you met your husband 4 years ago Tuesday and it’s been an incredible love story ever since is fine and dandy but let’s move on shall we. You’re married now. Congratulations. And I highly doubt the past 4 years are as great as you’re making it sound.

4)  Not every baby is the cutest thing ever. Why can’t we just admit that?

5)  You’re not “blessed” for the life you have. Enough.

6)  That picture of you and your baby in the hospital bed 2 minutes after birth is not necessary. Can we take a minute and put the iPhone down?

7)  Saying something like, “Happy Birthday Grandma in heaven! I think of you every day!” is a little much. Does Grandma have a Facebook account in heaven where she reads this? Second, lets be honest, do you really think of her every day?

8)  Does your 1 year old have a Facebook account? ‘Cause telling them how much you love them and how thankful you are for them is lovely if you do it in person but unless they’re the first infant studying abroad in Spain I’m not sure the Facebook communication is necessary.

9)  Saying “RIP” to a celebrity who died may be the most unnecessary thing you’ll ever do in your life. Saying “RIP” about anyone for that matter is embarrassing.

10)  Stop promoting your blogs ‘cause nobody cares….wait?