May 21, 2010

Who Is That Hideous Person Anyway?

We’ve all attended weddings in our life. Whether it be a fanciful affair with several hundred people or an “intimate” gathering with, say, 100 people. The best part about going to weddings is the chance to people watch. At least in my overly-opinionated-opinion it is. How often do you get a chance to have a formal get together with hundreds of people you don’t know? Even better if you are single but even us married folk can still people watch.

Call me what you will but I enjoy people watching because I want to see what people decide to wear. Has the fool sitting across from me decided to wear a ridiculous tie and if so what in the hell was he thinking. Has his ugly date decided that since this was not a “Black Tie” wedding she has the right to show off way too much leg in that body hugging shirt she calls a dress? And this brings me to my rant…

Who is that hideous person and why has she decided that dressing like a hooker is the right move for a wedding?

There always seems to be that one chick strutting around a wedding like it was 1973 and she’s strolling down 42nd St. I don’t get it. Especially cause this broad doesn’t even belong in the outfit in the first place. It can be one thing if she was good looking but this person never is! The problem is that you never quite know who the person is. Are they a close friend of the wedding party? A distant cousin from Tennessee, who noone cares about anyway, who thinks this is fashion? It always makes it tricky since you don’t want to offend a family member. Have to tread lightly when/if you decide to make comments during cocktail hour.

This is just another random observation on my part. I know you all agree with me and can relate. You just never thought about putting it down on paper. Or in this case a blog.

Short and to the point.