June 30, 2011

France Welcomes You

It’s about time I got back to what I’m good at – calling out the morons of society that plague our everyday life.

The other day I witnessed something so dreadful, so barbaric, so crass that I almost drove off the road. (No, it wasn’t the infamous little green men on the side of the road that so arrogantly tell me to slow down) It’s something no human being should ever be confronted with. Something no human should ever willingly partake in.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say that anyone who participates in the act of installing Carlashes on their vehicle’s headlights should be deported to France. I bet all the cars in France have Carlashes on them.

Who in their right mind would think such an accessory belongs on a car?

A moron that’s who. A schmuck maybe. Maybe a combination of the two, to be honest.

If you are said moron that either A) thinks these aren’t as bad as I say or B) actually paid money to have these put on your car than please, for the love of American society, please move to Canada. It’s the closest thing to France and you don’t have to fly there.

June 17, 2011

Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

The title of this blog is the mantra, if you will, of the CrossFit Box I have joined and I’m not sure you will find any truer words to live by.

In the gym it relates to pushing yourself past your cozy little womb of YMCA consistency. Doing things your body isn’t accustomed to doing. Lifting weights your body isn’t accustomed to lifting. Exercising in an environment sans Nautilus, Treadmills, Air Condition and Smoothie Bars with complimentary processed food.

It's hearing these words from a fellow CrossFitter...

“It’s pushing out the final 200 meters in a 5K row when you never thought you could & not giving a shit if someone sees you cry...Or being so thankful for the person standing next to you helping you push, because if it weren't for them it might have taken much longer to cross the finish line...”

Outside The Box it could mean many things for many different people.
  • The shy college student who for the first time since their 2nd grade school recital has to make a speech in front of hundreds.
  • The new employee who must present the quarterly report to the Board of Directors…on Day 1.
  • The first time you are all by yourself in your college dorm and know no one.
  • The first time you realize you should be calling adults by their first names and not using Mr. and Mrs. (Top 10 Most Stressful Moment In Life)
  • The first time you have to ask a girl to the prom. (Top 5 Most Stressful Moment In Life)
Everyone has had at least 1 (for me about 8,453) moment in their life when they find themselves emotionally uncomfortable. Paralyzed by the fear of rejection or failure. Some turn and walk away, giving in to the seemingly impenetrable detour.

Others forge on. Others keep going despite knowing failure is, in fact, a legitimate option.

Or is it?

What is failure after all? Is it not completing the task at hand or is it not giving a 100% concerted effort to complete the task?

It’s the latter. That’s failure. I, for one, tend to think its both. But that’s the unrealistic-uber-competitive-guy speaking. In reality you may never accomplish everything you set out to do. But you’ll have a much better chance if you go 100% and not 60%.

Once you learn to be Comfortable In The Uncomfortable you’ll find the next detour in life isn’t as intimidating as it once seemed.

You’ll face it head on...and you’ll be a better person for it.

June 16, 2011

Those Dang Curse Words

Quite often people present me with topics to blog about. Sometimes I agree with them and sometimes I don’t. There are times when I agree but don’t share the same passion as this blog demands (and deserves). In such cases, I’ll suggest they Guest Blog.

Well, yesterday I had a topic thrown my way and I’m gonna take it and run with it. Thanks J'...

People who tell you to stop using “foul” or “inappropriate” language can go ahead and Give Me a Fucking Break

I’m not quite sure what the big deal is with using “curse” words. They’re words. That’s all they are. What is the big deal with saying “shit”, “asshole” or, gasp, “fuck”?

Words are what you make of them. Words are only defined by the emotions behind them. This all relates to how sensitive society has become. People are always on the look out for an insult. People live on the defensive. People live with their lawyer on speed dial.

This just in, there is no difference between saying “shoot” and “shit”. They mean the same exact thing in context. If you’re one of the morons that prefers to say “shoot” as opposed to “shit” I’m sure there is a commune in Pennsylvania, Tennessee or Utah that would love to have ya’. We all know you’re thinking “shit” in your head. Just say the frigging word and stop being so damn righteous and fake.

I applaud parents who don’t walk on language-eggshells around their kids. Do I think 5 year olds should run around the playground cursing? No I don’t. Do I think you should liberally throw F-Bombs around children? No I don’t. However, if you take your children out in the real world and someone should curse in front of them, keep your mouth shut and deal with it.

That’s life.

Words are like Religion. If you don’t agree with the words I use or the beliefs I maintain then keep the preaching to yourself.

Fucking spare me, people!

June 10, 2011

An Office Space Existence

In an overwhelming show of support from The CrossFit Community since wednesday's blog I have to thank everyone for their kind words. They do mean a lot and I have to specifically thank Brazen Athletics for leading the groundswell both in and out of The Box…pun intended.

The last 48 hours of positivity must be a little bit of a culture shock to my loyal readers whom are used to hearing me rant about things in society that piss me off. Fear not – the anger is still alive and kicking and my opinion can’t be reigned in. However, I can’t deny seeing a ray of sunlight creeping through the clouds.

It’s this particular ray of sunshine, and an email with a friend and fellow CrossFitter from here, which led me to stumble upon the reality that most of us live in an...

Office Space Existence

As I mentioned yesterday, much of the CrossFit appeal lies in the passion the owners and members share to their craft.

It’s impressive. It’s rare. It’s inspiring.

So why does it seem so hard to attain. What about “Doing what you love” is so damn difficult when it should be so damn simple?

It should be basic. It should be instinctive. It should be innate.

Most of the questions can be answered by one phrase that I tend to fully subscribe too, “Life Happens.”  We, as a society, tend to look at “Life” almost as though it's a burden which keeps us from doing what we enjoy. “Life” and all its trappings keeps us from being our happiest. Our most spontaneous. We spend our weeks wishing them away, counting down the days to Friday or the weekend instead of living every day to the fullest.

Why does “Life” get in the way of truly “Living”? They should be one in the same.

It’s not easy. But if you know anything about CrossFit you know that “easy”, along with “can’t”, are left at the door.

Don’t let “Life” get in the way of “Living.”

I admire those that choose not to collect a paycheck sitting amongst a maze of cubicles because that’s what American society not-so-subtly prioritizes. I admire those who choose not to do what is considered “the norm”. I admire them because I have never been able to do that. I am not one who can easily break free from the Office Space Existence.

I admire them for Living Healthy, Happy and Passionately (LHHP) in one Box one WOD at a time.

June 8, 2011

The Culture of CrossFit

Anyone within an earshot of this blog knows there are several things (many things) I am definitive on. For example, I don’t believe in god, I support the Military like it’s my job, I hate Costco, I believe a book belongs on paper not a handheld computer and I hate the little green men on the side of the road that tell me to “Slow Down”.

Well we can now add one more item to that list of passions – I RFL CrossFit. (more on acronyms later)

I could go into detail and talk about the types of exercises you are put through. I could talk about the incredible shape and condition CrossFitters are in.

Or I could talk about The Culture of Crossfit.

It’s The Culture of CrossFit which drives its success and is the backbone to it’s undeniable appeal. It’s TCCF that makes putting yourself through hell actually fun. It’s TCCF that has you wanting to exercise after work as opposed to feeling like a mindless-robot on level 6 drowning amongst a sea of treadmills.

CrossFit is more than just exercise. It’s a way of life. It’s, as they say, Epic.

It’s a community. It’s acronyms. It’s nicknames. It’s a digital clock. It’s a white board. It’s Throwdowns. It’s the vacant warehouse space at the back of the parking lot transformed into a Facility of Inspiration.

It’s working out with people for 5 minutes and feeling like you’ve known them for 5 years.

It’s doing burpees next to someone who looks like they were cut from stone and the second you feel out’ve place you realize you’re all on the same team. You realize they aren’t looking down on you. You realize they are actually working with you and not against you. They push you to be your best and expect you to reciprocate.

It’s leaving the word “can’t” at the door.

It’s working out with people named “Big J”, “Rhabdo” and “The Warrior”.

It’s going to The Box and attacking your WOD RFF and RFL it and then returning for an epic 17 minute AMRAP the following day.

(Translation: It’s going to where you work out and completing your Workout of the Day Really Fucking Fast and Really Fucking Loving it and then returning for an epic 17 minute As Many Rounds As Possible the following day)

It’s watching grown men fight back tears when talking about opening up their own Box and thinking to yourself, “Wow. Where does my passion lie?”

It’s realizing pain is temporary but your health is everlasting.

Brazen Athletics in Fairfield, NJ puts it best…

“…the methods through which we train are direct reflections of the walls that stand against you in life.”