October 2, 2010

Let's Be Honest With Ourselves, People...

1) Calling someone a "Dr." who is a Chiropractor or Dentist simply shouldn't happen. Their professions are worthy, don't get me wrong, but come on - Doctors? Nah.

2) This one’s for the women out there. A good man is not hard to find. Most of you just don’t look in the right places.

3) I wouldn’t want to live in New Jersey either if all I saw was the NJ Turnpike. That being said, I’ve seen maybe 75% of Pennsylvania and I can say for certain that I would never want to live there. Except for Pittsburgh of course...

4) Can all you Brad and Angelina haters come out’ve the closet already and just admit you’re actually jealous of them? You girls wish you were Angelina and you guys (myself included) wish you were as cool as Brad. Don’t be ashamed.

5) The only real difference between a “cult” and a “church” is the amount of members.

6) No child grows up wanting to play lacrosse over baseball. It’s not human nature. It’s a sad result of having grown up with poor parenting. (See Ongoing Debate - Baseball v. Lacrosse)

7) When and if you’re ever “saying grace” at a table, regardless of your religious beliefs, are you ever really saying grace? Or are you thinking about what everyone else is doing right now? Are their eyes open? Are they looking around the table? Are you holding the person’s hands too tight or too soft? Do you have sweaty palms and just want this handholding ritual to end immediately?!

8) Tiger Woods is not the only star athlete with a different girlfriend in every city he visits. He’s just the one that got caught.

9) Stop attributing violence to video games. I’m fairly certain if I had grown up playing Grand Theft Auto I wouldn’t be crashing cars and beating up policemen. Video games are just another excuse for parents instead of taking responsibility for how their children are raised.

10) There should be no reason someone who is gay can not get married. It’s actually pretty embarrassing something like that is even up for debate. Why the hell should the government have any say in who you marry?


Evan said...

Long time listener, first time caller. In reference to # 9: If that was the case, we would all be plumbers. Maybe even have a brother that always dresses in green.

Matt Donohue said...

I disagree with some of what you've written in this very insightful post; however, I'll defend your right to the death to write it..(credit obviously to EBH)

As for #3...don't sell Pennsylvania short.. I hear Hamburg is beautiful.

Angie said...

#2...tell where and I'll go right now.