June 23, 2016

Give A Fuck

Am I the only one that has had enough of this “No Fucks Given” society we seem to be living in? The shirts, the attitude, the culture of ego. All of it. It’s all a self-centered, cocky and ironically transparent mentality that’s the root of societies next generation of problems.  

If more people actually gave a fuck we might actually have the peace most of us mutually seek.

If we had less people proudly proclaiming “Zero fucks given” and more people actually giving a shit about their actions and words then believe it or not we’d all be better off.

Relationships might have a longer lifespan. Honor and integrity may actually be values of the present and not just of lore.  

These people like to arrogantly claim they enjoy being alone. They act like the world is beneath them and their “lone wolf” way of living is somehow above the rest of us. As if they know better. As if they somehow have the antidote to a happy life but won’t release it to the rest of us lolely optimistic anthropologic types. So instead of sharing their incredible wealth of knowledge they just, well, don’t give a fuck.

Well I cry foul. I say bullshit.

The only reason you claim to give zero fucks is because giving a fuck takes effort.

Giving a fuck means rendering yourself vulnerable. Giving a fuck means putting yourself out there for criticism and having to accept it. Giving a fuck means caring about others as much or more than you care about yourself. Giving a fuck means opening your soul up to others for evaluation and analysis.

Giving a fuck is hard, emotional, selfless and sometimes scary…and that's why you pretend to not give a fuck. 

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